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Use this code "THANKYOU10" on checkout to get 10% off

Golf Trainer for Wrist Arm Corrector Control Gesture

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A Better Golf Swing Is Easier Than Ever With The Swing Guide!

The Swing Guide is a lightweight golf training and warm-up tool designed to help you create the correct swing positions and adjust your wrists during swing stages. It acts as a Guide, automatically coming to the forearm when the player reaches the top of the backswing and at the finish position.

Improve Your Golf Game

The practice is one very essential part of golf; there is no way around it. Heading to the driving range to hit golf balls is a good start but you need to have a practice plan. Regular practice will improve swing technique and help you gain more consistent contact and distance control.


  • At address, the Swing Guide must be positioned directly on top of the shaft, in line with your shoulder.
  • During the Takeaway with shoulder turn and arm straight, your club must become parallel to the ground (your clubface is square if the Swing Guide points towards the sky)
  • At top of Backswing, the Swing Guide must come to rest on the forearm (which provides you the feedback to get that done correctly)
  • On the Downswing, this device encourages keeping the wrists in a powerful lag position, without leaking power by casting or throwing the hands away from the body.
  • At impact, the Swing Guide is again on top of the shaft as the ball is struck with a square clubface, aligned with your arm and wrist.
  • After impact, you will be shown the correct radial deviation of the wrist which will make sure you extend out towards the target achieving good weight transfer and balance.
  • You should finish in a relaxed position, facing the target, with the club shaft between your head and shoulder.


  • Product name: Golf Swing Training Aid 
  • Material: plastic 
  • Color: yellow 
  • Size: about 25 x 8 x 5cm/9.84 x 3.15 x 1.97in 
  • Weight: 35g 
  • Packing: OPP bag packing 

Package includes:

  • 1 X Golf Swing Training Aid