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Use this code "THANKYOU10" on checkout to get 10% off

About Us

Originally from Texas, in an area known as the Llano Estacado, commonly known as the Staked Plains, I grew up among families that earned their living working outdoors; farmers, dairymen and ranchers. While a lot of time was put into working outdoors, life was not all work. It was a very sports minded community as well. Growing up you may have played football, basketball, baseball, tennis, or ran track. As you got older and your school competitions ended, you became a spectator of some of these same sports. In addition, others found pleasure in golfing, camping, hunting, and fishing activities as well.

As a youth, I played every team sport that was available to me. Later, once team sports were no longer available to me, I migrated to other outdoor sports and activities. If I was not an active participant in the sport, I was a fan or spectator. My wife and I raised 3 children that shared most of these same passions, allowing us to participate with them as coaches, parents, and fans. When we had a break in their sports schedules, some of our fondest memories as a family were spent on campgrounds.

With that as a background it is clear to understand why the outdoors is a huge part of my life today.

Since graduating college, I have worked and gained a lot of experience in different corporate settings, but nothing has satisfied a desire I‘ve had since early in my professional life to own and run my own business. I have always advised people to find their passion and then build a career around that passion. I decided to take my own advice and with the growth in e-commerce, I decided to open a business that allowed me to be a business owner while providing high quality products for people with a passion for the outdoors like myself.