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Use this code "THANKYOU10" on checkout to get 10% off

Matlacha Midnight Dark Roast by Jimmy's Java Online


Fulfilled by our friends at Jimmy's Java Online

Matlacha Midnight smooth coffee Dark Roast

Start your coffee adventure with our dark roast smooth coffee, Matlacha Midnight. This post roast blend is rich and flavorful while remaining very smooth and captures the essence of a vacation evening.

We roast each variety of coffee that goes into our Matlacha Midnight separately to preserve all the special flavors of each region.  We then mix the various roasted coffees into the succulent blend that is perfect for that special cup of coffee.

We use state-of-the-art fluid air bed roasters (basically giant popcorn poppers) to preserve just the subtle flavors of each coffee used in our Matlacha Midnight.  Traditional roasting equipment uses indirect heating to heat up the roasting drum, think cast iron skillet.  This imparts a 'roasted metal' flavor to roasted coffee; many describe this as a burnt flavor. 

This is the same blend as our Sanibel Sunrise, however we roast this one a little longer to bring out some boldness while remaining very smooth.